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Hi, I’m Jason Kato
I'm into Games

I have experience both from working at enterprise companies in cross functional scrum teams as well as indie game development in my one man team. I'm used working on location, remote and abroad. My interest lies somewhere between retro and future, tech and design.

A selection of my


Laserix Puzzle Islands (iOS/Android)
Made by me in my one man team.

Featured on App Store
"New Games We Love" ❤

Thievery (VR)
An escape room, made by me.

Slot Fighter (iOS/Android)
A slot made by me.

A Light Bounce (iOS/Android)
The less you do, the higher you score.
Another game made by me from idea to release.

BMW 330i 3D model

A deeper dive into my


10+ Years of Experience

My Resume

Thank you

Awesome companies I worked at

Saab Dynamics - Training & Simulation

Saab is a Swedish aerospace and defence company, founded in 1937 with 18,000+ employees all over the world.


A smaller web agency with head office in Tokyo.

Net Entertainment

A supplier of digitally distributed gaming systems used by some of the world’s most successful online gaming operators.

Ottoboni Group

A bigger web agency in Stockholm, Sweden, that was later acquired.



Awesome brands I worked on

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

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